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Delhi to Shekhawati Tour By Taxi

Delhi to Shekhawati Tour By Taxi

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Shekhawati is a semi-desert region situated entirely in the triangle between Delhi-Bikaner-Jaipur. The word Shekhawati is derived from the name of the Shekhawat rulers who had been ruling from past five centuries.

The word “Wati” means a place surrounded and the region surrounded with the descendants of “Rao Shekha” called as Shekhawati. King Shekha was born in the 14th Century and he ruled during the period 1502-1543 he made “Amar-Sar-Naan” his first capital of his kingdom.

During the time of Mahabharata Shekhawati was under control of the Matsya Kingdom the descends of fisherman. The Hindu Vedas were written and compiled on this land. There is no other region in Rajasthan that is as artistically rich as Shekhawati. The images using vibrant colors have not created not as a hobby nor professional practice, but as a way of life.

Places to Visit in Shekhawati during Delhi to Shekhawati tour by taxi

Nawalgarh is famous for its high-quality paintings, even in the richly frescoed Shekhawati area. The Poddar School of this place is full of old work and walls that have been restored in recent times using the same style of frescos due to which the region is famous.

This place founded in 1737 by Thakur Nawal Singh, a warrior-statesman of some eminence. The town has a colorful market, fort (now a little disfigured), attracts the people. There are many Havelis the most famous are the Aath (eight) Haveli complex, Anandilal Poddar Haveli, Jodraj Patodia Haveli, Bansidhar Bhagat Haveli, Hotel Roop Niwas Palace.

This is 7 km away from Nawalgarh fort situated in the heart of Shekhawati Region. This place was founded in 1750 it blended with Rajput and Mughal Art and architecture. Diwan-e-Khas stands for the all of the private audience has stained glass windows, an impressive library and fine antiques.

One of the best things about the Shekhawati, the Havelis of this small town is beautifully painted and some Havelis are being more than a hundred years old. The examples of these Havelis are Goenka Haveli which is well known for the exquisite quality of its frescoes.

Raja Mukund Singh founded Mukumgarh in the mid of the 18th century. It is small town 14 km away from Mandawa and 2 km from Dundlod in the Shekhawati. It is built around a temple square and has a good handicraft market as well.

The magnificent fort of this place has been converted into a heritage hotel and in its conversion into heritage property. The Cross Country Hotel reminds the atmosphere 250 years old fort with its excellent painted interiors including the typical Shekhawati frescos.

This medieval fort dominates the town founded in the 8th century. The town is painted with an arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. The famous Havelis of this place are Chokhani, Ladia and street with Saraf Havelis of this region Havelis.

Shiva temple with a rock crystal lingam is a worth visit. At present this fort is a heritage hotel. These days it is a major center of handicrafts and furniture.

Fatehpur is found in the mid of 15thcentury by Kayamkhani Nawab, Fatehpur’s frescoes are unrivaled. The walls on the Devra and Singhania Havelis is a mixture of Indian as well as Western styles.

There is an inimitable mirror work at the entrance ways and the Japanese tiles carrying Mount Fuji’s paintings. The Ram Gopal Mahavir Prasad Goenka Haveli, Jalan and Bharatiya Haveli and Hukmi Chand Choudhar Haveli are worth to visit.

The Havelis in Shekhawati which are worth to watch during Delhi to Shekhawati tour by cab are the frescoed built by the early Marwaris. The colors of the buildings are rich belongs to 18th, 19th and 20th century. Unlike the Havelis/palaces built by other rulers such as Mughals, these Havelis have several courtyards.

There is an inner as well as an outer courtyard, in the larger one, there are more than two. The painted walls display the scenes from popular epics and history. The mural work and mirror work has been extensively employed in these monuments.

One can have a good idea of the prosperity enjoyed by a business class.

Lachmangarh Fort
This Fort is founded by Raja Lachman Singh of Sikar in the early 19th century. This town is planned well planned on the lines of Jaipur, with roads at the right angles and roundabouts. The grant Char Chowk Haveli is reminiscent of the prosperous Marwari culture which you should not miss during Delhi to Shekwati tour by taxi.

Lachmangarh commands a bird’s eye view of the town that resembles the city plan of Jaipur. The town has some lovely Havelis. Char Bhuja Travels offers you a great Delhi To Shekhawati tour and a memorable trip as well!

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